Handel Wewnętrzny - Prevention of ghostwriting and guest authorship

In 2012 the editor introduced the procedures preventing the occurrence of the phenomena of ghostwriting and guest authorship. The ghostwriting phenomenon occurs when someone has made a subsequent contribution in the process of creation of the article and did not disclose his or her role as one of the authors or his/her role has not been indicated in the acknowledgments section included in the publication. In the case of guest authorship the participation of the author is negligible or did not take place at all, and yet he/she is indicated as an author or co-author of the publication. They are manifestations of scientific misconduct and a sign of disregard for "good morals" principle.

In order to prevent the occurrence of the presented phenomena, the editors introduce the following procedures:

  • Each author is obliged to sign a statement in which he/she indicates that the work submitted for publication is their own work and does not infringe the rights of third persons.
  • In the case of two or more authors, the editors require the disclosure of the contribution of all the authors in the creation of the publication (including the affiliation and the contribution of each author in terms of concepts, principles, methods, etc.).
  • All the discovered cases of scientific misconduct will be disclosed, and the procedure includes the notification of competent officials as well the author's employer.
  • The editors undertake to investigate, clarify and document any manifestation of scientific misconduct.