Handel Wewnętrzny - The procedure of qualifying articles for publication

The manuscript of the article sent in electronic form to the address of the editors undergoes two-stage qualification procedures:

  • preliminary evaluation - carried out by the Editorial Board, verifying, among others, whether the submitted text meets the formal and linguistic requirements and the requirement of conformity with the profile of the scientific journal;
  • reviewers' evaluation.

The reviews are sent to the authors. If the reviewer makes detailed comments directly on the manuscript, the author - apart from the text of the review - will receive the manuscript with the marked notes.

The author should respond to the comments and introduce any changes, indicated in the reviews. The revised text together with the replies to the reviewers' comments and the declaration of transfer of copyrights should be sent to the editors.

Editor-in-chief has the right to ask the author to introduce further necessary changes and improvements. In consultation with the editor of the theme, the editor-in-chief makes the final decision with regard to rejecting or accepting the manuscript.