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Handel Wewnętrzny - The reviewing procedure

  • The manuscript is evaluated by two reviewers, in the case where there is no conflict of interest with the authors of the articles.
  • Authors and reviewers do not know their identities.
  • The review is prepared on a special form submitted to the reviewer.
  • The information related to article reviews is confidential, its content, apart from the reviewers’ comments which are sent to the authors, is available and accessed only by the editorial office.
  • The review contains an explicit, final conclusion:
    • The article is suitable for publication in the presented form.
    • The article is suitable for publication after including specific comments of the reviewer.
    • The article is suitable for publication.
  • The rules on the accepting or rejecting the publication by the reviewers:
    • papers which are not written independently, papers which do not meet the requirements of the journal, papers which contain serious factual/material/substantial errors.
    • The reviewers' comments may include minor changes, which mean, among others: supplementing bibliography with - publications by Polish or foreign authors, updating the text (e.g. taking into consideration new legal acts), arrangement of the contents of tables, making minor additions or abbreviations within the text, checking statistical data, names and titles of works, or major changes, which are understood as, among others: changing the structure of the paper, eliminating some issues from the text, the necessity to refer to the findings of the research conducted by other authors, which may be important for the topic under discussion, expansion of the conclusions section.
  • The surnames of reviewers of particular articles are not disclosed. The list of reviewers is published once a year (in the last issue) and on the website of the scientific journal.
  • The reviewers are bound by the confidentiality rules; in addition, they are not allowed to use the knowledge from the reviewed article before its publication.